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FISH Probe Name Chromosome Region SKU View
ACR FISH Probes CHR 22: 507,382,23-507,452,98 22q13.33 ACR-20-OR Request Pricing
ACO2 FISH Probes CHR 22: 414,691,24-415,289,88 22q13.2 ACO2-20-OR Request Pricing
ACOX1 FISH Probes CHR 17: 759,794,33-759,415,06 17q25.1 ACOX1-20-OR Request Pricing
ACP1 FISH Probes CHR 2: 264,868-278,282 2p25.3 ACP1-20-OR Request Pricing
ACP2 FISH Probes CHR 11: 472,488,46-472,393,01 11p12-p11 ACP2-20-OR Request Pricing
ACP5 FISH Probes CHR 19: 115,790,07-115,746,59 19p13.2 ACP5-20-OR Request Pricing
ACPP FISH Probes CHR 3: 132,317,366-132,368,764 3q22.1 ACPP-20-OR Request Pricing
ACRV1 FISH Probes CHR 11: 125,680,897-125,672,333 11q24.2 ACRV1-20-OR Request Pricing
ACTA1 FISH Probes CHR 1: 229,434,095-229,431,244 1q42.13 ACTA1-20-OR Request Pricing
ACTA2 FISH Probes CHR 10: 889,913,96-889,350,73 10q23.31 ACTA2-20-OR Request Pricing