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FISH Probe Name Chromosome Region SKU View
A1BG FISH Probes CHR 19: 583,534,98-583,468,05 19q13.43 A1BG-20-OR Request Pricing
A2M FISH Probes CHR 12: 911,596,1-906,770,7 12p13.31 A2M-20-OR Request Pricing
A2MP1 FISH Probes CHR 12: 923,420,6-922,853,2 12p13.31 A2MP1-20-OR Request Pricing
NAT1 FISH Probes CHR 8: 181,704,18-182,236,88 8p22 NAT1-20-OR Request Pricing
NAT2 FISH Probes CHR 8: 183,865,84-184,012,18 8p22 NAT2-20-OR Request Pricing
NATP FISH Probes CHR 8: 183,699,09-183,718,77 8p22 NATP-20-OR Request Pricing
SERPINA3 FISH Probes CHR 14: 946,123,76-946,240,52 14q32.13 SERPINA3-20-OR Request Pricing
AADAC FISH Probes CHR 3: 151,814,007-151,828,487 3q25.1 AADAC-20-OR Request Pricing
AAMP FISH Probes CHR 2: 218,270,208-218,264,128 2q35 AAMP-20-OR Request Pricing
AANAT FISH Probes CHR 17: 764,533,50-764,707,96 17q25.1 AANAT-20-OR Request Pricing